The Collection of Evelyn from Ridgefield, Connecticut

The above watercolor is the newest addition to Evelyn's collection: white peonies blooming in the garden.  I love the frame she has chosen for it and how well the painting complements the deep blue wall behind. Thank you Evelyn for sharing. It's delightful to see this painting in its new home! You can click on the picture to see it larger.

Evelyn has a wonderful collection of Zeh Original Art paintings going back to some of my first pieces. This sample includes works from about ten years ago to the present. All are watercolors except the large painting of white ibis in flight which is acrylic on canvas.
We are so pleased that she has shared part of her extensive collection with us!

The Collection of Stephanie from New Brunswick, Canada

Stephanie has been collecting my paintings on eBay. She says:

"I have 5 of your paintings in my office.
I'm a commercial real estate agent in New Brunswick, Canada. Many of my co-workers and clients admire your paintings when they visit my office. The flying Ibis in particular.... I think because we don't see birds like this in our neck of the woods...and of course... because it's so lovely!"

Thank you, Stephanie, for sending photos of your collection. It's great to see how they brighten up your work space, and I'm glad the Ibis is a nice conversation piece for you!

The Collection of the Willington Public Library

A generous town resident donated money for the brand new Willington Public Library to purchase artwork to adorn its walls. The librarians are art lovers and had a wonderful time visiting artists' studios to select artwork. They found two in my studio that they loved: the bench under the willow and the birch tree - both quiet paintings very appropriate for a library.

Later, they commissioned two more paintings - a Coral Reef canvas painting for the children's section and an acrylic on canvas of Poppies for over the main desk. They tell me they enjoy all the comments they get on the art collections particularly the poppies painting that is so prominent as soon as people walk in the front door. You can see the small plaques under most of the paintings which give credit to the donor.
The town residents and local artists are thankful to the donor, and we thank the librarians for sharing their collection!